Fuel Saving Tip: Auto Myths Around Perryville

August 27, 2023

With high fuel prices in Perryville, Missouri, comes lots of gas saving advice. Some of it, like what you hear on is great. When you get one of those e-mails that's going around telling you how to save gas, try to think it through.Does it really make sense? Does it defy the laws of physics?Do ... More

Fuel Injectors

January 29, 2023

The last new American vehicles sold in Perryville with a carburetor rolled out of the Missouri dealerships in 1990. Since then, all new vehicles here in Perryville, and nationally, have had fuel injectors. In very simple terms, a fuel injector is a valve that squirts fuel into your engine. Your e... More

The Charlie's Fast Lube Perryville Guide to Saving Fuel: Beware of Myths

December 4, 2022

There's a lot of auto advice in Missouri right now on how to save money on gas. Some of it is good advice. Some of it isn't. Some of it is myth. And it may well be a scam. Plain and simple. When someone offers you a product designed to save money on gas, ask yourself, Does this sound too good to ... More

Maintaining Your Diesel in Perryville

July 10, 2022

Diesel engines have been used extensively in Europe and Asia for many years. They haven't been as common in the Perryville area because of the high sulfur content in our diesel fuel. But the government is now mandating lower sulfur content and, as a result, we are going to see more Perryville di... More

Fuel Saving Tip: Perryville Tune Up

April 24, 2022

Have you ever gone to listen to an orchestra? The musicians take the stage early and tune their instruments. Each individual instrument must be in tune, but the critical thing is for the entire orchestra to be in tune with each other. That's why they tune up together.Now this is no surprise; I'm ... More

Alternative Fuel Vehicles in Perryville, Missouri

April 3, 2022

Let's talk about alternative fuel vehicles. In their quest to reduce the use of fossil fuels and harmful exhaust emissions in our Missouri environment, automakers will have a number of alternatives for Perryville drivers very soon.For instance, Flex Fuel vehicles are already available in the Per... More

Introduction to Diesels for Perryville, Missouri

January 2, 2022

Something you're going to be hearing a lot about around Perryville, Missouri, is diesel engines. We're not talking about semi-trucks and buses; we're talking about diesel engine cars, pick-ups and SUVs.Most people in Missouri are surprised to learn that around half the cars on the road in Europe ... More

Keep It Flowing with a Fuel Filter Replacement at Charlie's Fast Lube Perryville

January 1, 2022

The function of the fuel filter is pretty self-explanatory. It filters your fuel. The fuel filter is in the fuel line somewhere in between the fuel tank and the engine. Both gas and diesel vehicles around Perryville use fuel filters. For more information about your fuel filter, visit Charlie's Fa... More

Charlie's Fast Lube Perryville: Good Service and Good Fuel Economy

December 12, 2021

Most Perryville auto owners want to save on gas and seek our advice on improving economy. At Charlie's Fast Lube Perryville, we are frequently asked, however, if it is really worth the extra effort. Just how much money can Perryville drivers actually save?In today's Charlie's Fast Lube Perryvill... More

Fuel Injection Keeps Getting Better for Perryville Motorists

November 21, 2021

Perryville residents know that engines burn fuel to operate. Fuel is pumped from your fuel tank to your engine where it is squirtedor injectedinto your engine's cylinders. This is the function of the fuel injectors.There are two ways to inject fuel into an engine. Fuel needs air to burn, so in th... More